TR: Fairy Meadows Day 6 (2.8.2018) -

TR: Fairy Meadows Day 6 (2.8.2018)


When we went to bed on Wednesday night, snowfall was intensifying. And the morning did not disappoint - our snow stake was showing 28cm of new snow, on top of 20cm from the day before. In Freedom Units, that's just under 20" of new snow in 24 hours.

Giddy with excitement, we dug out our skis and the hut.

Admired the views under unsettled skies.

And began working our way up a deep skintrack towards Hut Trees 1.

The first run was nothing short of magical. It skied MUCH deeper than the 20" or so would suggest. Turning wasn't really a thing; instead, I just made subtle changes in direction, ideally aiming from pillow to pillow to provide a way to pop up out of the snow temporarily to see where the hell I was going, spit out snow and take a deep breathe before plunging into white again. It was possibly the deepest run I have ever skied and all of us stood at the bottom in shock for a moment to process the insanity of the situation.

Shock quickly gave way to excitement and we quickly headed back up the skintrack for more. I'll let the photos do the talking as we lapped the low hanging fruit of Hut Trees 1.


Chris (keep in mind the dude is 6'5"):

Occasionally we paused to admire the grandeur of our surroundings.

And then went back to choking on pow. Rick:

And me:

The evening was filled with much celebration.

And a much needed dinner of pasta and sausage.

Euphoric, we went to bed wondering what our 6th and final ski day would bring.

Special thanks to Zach Wilson for the use of his photos. See more of his amazing work at


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