TR: Fairy Meadows Day 5 (2.7.2018)


Overcast skies and a bit of new snow overnight pushed us back towards the trees. It was Rick, Anthony, and I's turn to cook for the day so we didn't get the earliest start. While spending the morning in the kitchen, we couldn't help but notice the plethora of untracked, short, fun looking mini-golf lines within plain view of the hut. We decided to rectify the situation.

With Anthony keeping score on the mini-golf tournament, I teed up a little spine transfer move for Hole #1. Good form in the air and a stomped landing scored me a birdie.

Anthony went huge on his first hit, and looked to be well on his way to an eagle, but tumbled in the landing for a bogey.

We skied the same zone for Hole #2, and I chose a slightly larger air with a technical entry.

Unfortunately I got bucked a bit at takeoff, hot-tubbed the landing, but managed to ski out and salvage par.

Anthony chose a slightly more conservative line this time, but made up for it in aesthetics and solid skiing for a birdie.

Untitled photo

Rick stepped up to one of the larger airs over an intimidating maw, and looked pretty good at takeoff.

Untitled photo

Unfortunately things soon fell apart, and a few window rolls, an off-axis somersault, and the involuntary removal of his goggles led to a triple bogey.

Untitled photo

After a brief game stoppage to allow Rick to collect his things we proceeded to Hole #3, a fun chute of which we got no photos and all scored par. I did take a scenic though.

Untitled photo

Hole #4 would finish the game, and was a narrow choke leading into a steep face with optional pillow lines that Anthony had spied.

Anthony was awarded first tracks for spotting the line, and skied the choke hot and heavy. Shortly thereafter he dropped his pole and was unable to recover it, resulting in a double bogey and necessitating a recovery by Rick.

Miraculously, Rick found the pole, and was awarded a birdie for skiing pillow lines with three poles.

I skied last and found one of the most fun pillow lines I've had the chance to ski. While none of the airs were very big, it required several precise hop turns on a steep spine with very little room on each side, while managing not-insignificant slough. I don't remember what it scored, but I'm awarding myself a birdie.

Although the laps were short, daylight was running low, so we retired back to the hut to admire our handiwork from the day as snowfall began to intensify...

Special thanks to Zach Wilson for the use of his photos. See more of his amazing work at


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