TR: Fairy Meadows Day 2 (2.4.2018)


Deep in interior British Columbia, the Bill Putnam Hut (more commonly known as Fairy Meadows), lies 50mi northwest of the town of Golden and 55mi northeast of Revelstoke. The hut is nestled at treeline in the Adamant Range, a remote cluster of massive glaciers and jagged spires deep in the northern Selkirks. The nearest paved road is 25 miles away and the nearest summer road is nearly 7. In the summer, it’s possible to hike into the hut from the logging road, but it’s apparently a pretty major bushwhack as the trail is not regularly maintained. In the winter, it’s helicopter only.

What that means is the hut is remote. There is zero chance that you will see anybody else up there, that’s not in your party. You have a satellite phone and VHF radio in case of emergency, but otherwise that’s it. You’re out there, on your own. It’s a wonderful feeling.

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Our first ski day was overcast and snowing. Bad news, couldn’t see much. Good news? Snowing!

We chose a circuitous route above the hut to access the first ridge to the east, known as Hut Trees 1. This allowed us to get up above treeline a little and begin to get the lay of the land.

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Terrain such as the above abounded. However, we weren't confident enough in the stability to tag big, film-quality faces such as this, so we explored short pitches down the ridge and did several laps in bad light, with great snow.



Untitled photo


Untitled photo

While we didn’t get far from the hut, it was a great intro tour to the area - and ranked right up there as some of the best skiing any of us had ever done.

Special thanks to Zach Wilson for the use of his photos. See more of his amazing work at


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