TR: Jones Pass 10/24/2015 -

TR: Jones Pass 10/24/2015

Old reliable. Sometime in October, this little corner of the Front Range always fills in just enough for some high alpine pow skiing. With 14" of snow in the last few days, plus the usual CO winds, we knew old reliable would be ready for some (sharky) turns.

I emailed some of the dumbest (and best) people that I know, and Ryan, Charles, Heather, and Rick joined me in my quest to see just how much damage a ski base could take.

After a somewhat exciting drive to treeline (Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs are AWESOME) we found ourselves skinning up to the Continental Divide. A few other groups had the same idea, but there was plenty to go around.

Rick samples the goods.

I had about 10 frames of Heather that would have been amazing, if I could learn how to focus my camera. But at least I got one that wasn't blurry.

Ryan made it look great, as usual.


Yours truly.

Photo: C.Lefkowitz

Photo: C.Lefkowitz

We hit rocks (of course) but it was so good we had to go for seconds. Charles, and Ryan.

Unfortunately, on the way out, Heather buried a pole into a willow and/or rock and dislocated her shoulder. Fortunately, it popped back in quickly, and hopefully she won't be out for long!

Still a great day and feels so good to get the 15/16 season rolling.


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