TR: Berthoud Pass 5/10/2015 -

TR: Berthoud Pass 5/10/2015

It's May, most the ski resorts are closed, and what I affectionately refer to as the "Playoff Season" has begun.  Except that it hasn't.

You see, the Playoff Season is what you work towards throughout the entire regular season.  For me, that means finally leaving treeline and avalanche danger behind, and beginning to work into the big, steep, beautiful peak descents that abound in Colorado.

This year is different though.  While we struggled to buy a snowflake through most of mid-winter, as soon as the lifts stopped spinning, the faucet turned on.  This was quite welcome for awhile, as the warm and wet snow filled in all the alpine lines that were looking a bit thin, but it's beginning to get a bit annoying.

Oh well.  Ryan Krum, Becca Hedley, Charles Lefkowitz and I went to our usual zone at Berthoud Pass to make faceshot-y lemonade from powdery lemons.

Becca charged into this line blind, and sent it off the side of the cliff like a boss.  Unfortunately for her, but fortunately for our amusement, she landed in my bombhole...

I failed to get any decent shots of Charles, but did get several of Ryan.

We were one and done on this day - Mother's Day, and all.  Eventually it will stabilize and we'll be able to get after the big stuff, but until then, I guess we'll just have to ski pow.


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